At PDX Dabs we are dedicated to the natural purity and preservation of the cannabis experience. Using solventless processing methods, some modern, some ancient, we provide you with an experience just as nature intended, pure joy, pure plant.

Our goal is to be Oregon’s reliable source of quality organic* concentrate products and services. 

We offer Oregon licensed recreational cannabis product processing services to help Oregon OLCC producers bring marijuana products to market fast. 

We feature our own unique solvent-free products that are designed to be clean, safe and a consistent choice for clean quality OLCC recreational marijuana concentrate products. 

Based out of Hillsboro Oregon our quality team, large size processing facility, and convenient location make us a great partner for farms to process material and work together to create unique products that stay true to our vision of clean, organic, sustainable cannabis products produced to the highest possible quality. * Organic where possible. Always SOLVENT FREE! 

Using state of the art equipment and an attention to detail and purity, we create cannabis products using solvent free methodology. This means that when you experience our products you get what you expect, pure plant .. pure joy.

State of the art Hash Lab!

PDX Dabs has scaled up its hash lab production to meet the growing demand for clean chemical-free cannabis products. We have a large throughput lab purpose-built to be the biggest and best hash lab that still does its washing by hand.

We have skilled and passionate people, not just equipment doing a lot of work. It takes love to select and prepare the cannabis at the farm and then safely transport it for processing.

We keep it cold and bring it into a high tech facility that is built to keep the product cold and in ideal conditions for cleanliness, purity, and potency.

After we wash the cannabis with purified water, we then dry it in equipment that dries it quickly and preserves the most plant essence. You will taste it and feel it when you experience it.

Hash-based products are clean, terpy and tasty and come in the following varieties:

  • Hash, we offer ice water hash and dry ice hash.
  • Hash Rosin, aka live rosin.
  • Dry sift rosin.
  • Temple balls. Hand-rolled hash.
  • Hash Rockets, hash infused pre-rolls.
  • Topicals, coming soon.
  • Edibles coming soon.

How we Press: Every strain is different and will react differently to the temperature and length of the press. We start with a small sample first. We test the cannabis until we lock in the optimal settings for that batch and strain.

Using custom made filter bags we then press the batch using the method that provides the best and purist rosin, (not the most yield).

After collecting and curing we package the rosin in 1 gram servings for your convenience.