Featured Farm

Featured Farm: Lotus Family Farms

Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Lotus Family Farms is a small batch, craft Cannabis Farm.  We grow our flowers in their native dirt by creating a living soil mix, we are able to reuse the soil season after season. We feed live microbes and make our own organic, farm-sourced compost teas to offer a sustainable, sun-grown bio-dynamic crop!

We also offer a wide variety of flower from our own genetic line.

If original strains with top level terps and extraordinarily clean and robust flavors are important, check out our products!

Lotus Family Farms takes pride in blending the art and science of growing only the finest cannabis, with exceptional aroma, flavor, and medicinal properties.

PDX DABs is proud to be working with Lotus Family Farms to produce solvent free extracts and products that are “pure plant”.