PDX Dabs, isn’t just about our brand. It’s about relationships. We are happy to offer our processing services to the right farm partners. We are looking for quality long term relationships and enjoy working with people who want to live their best life in this industry.

We specialize in making ice water hash rosin!

We are OLCC Processors located in Hillsboro Oregon. We have a large facility where we offer the following processing services. Solventless Ice Water Hash Processing Services is our main body of work. Our founder created the term “Hash Mason” as a person whose living is from making hash, but more on that later.

Solvent-less processing services.

  • Storage / Cold storage. 
  • Kief production.
  • Hash production.
  • Rosin production.
  • Concentrated joints/ cones production.

Contact us to find out more about how our team can help you get the most out of your cannabis, but remember one rule always applies, FIRE IN FIRE OUT!